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If you are into food and restaurants this is a much need APP you must have. I highly recommend it. You will see several of my favorite dishes I posted in this app. And more to come!

Here is description below.

A free app for finding and recommending great dishes, not just restaurants.As seen on The Today Show and in Travel + Leisure Magazine’s Top Travel Apps,, Foodspotting is a visual guide to good food and where to find it. It’s the leading app for finding and rating dishes, not just restaurants. Unlike other restaurant apps:

IT’S ABOUT DISHES Discover nearby dishes, find whatever you’re craving & see what’s good at any restaurant.

IT’S VISUAL It makes finding good food as easy as looking in a bakery window.

IT’S POSITIVE Keep track of the dishes you try and vote up the dishes you love.

IT’S PERSONALIZED Bookmark dishes you want to try and hide the ones you don’t.

IT’S SOCIAL See what friends and experts, like the Travel Channel,  love wherever you go.

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