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Border Grill

Located a hop and skip away from Universal Studios Florida is Border Grill. This place is very hidden. It is off of Kirkman Rd and Vineland in a small strip plaza.  This place has some of the most amazing authentic “Street Tacos” I have found in all of Orlando. I really thought I was having lunch in Mexico.  It’s my type of place. Very small, very rustic, very much a hole in the wall, very inexpensive and it is family owned and operated. The main attraction is their Tacos. They also serve up Burritos and Sopes and other Mexican flavors as well.

I tried the Carnitas taco, the pollo asado grilled chicken, the steak tacos, and the marinated grilled pork taco which was a suggestion from one of the owner’s. Each taco I had was wonderful.  The tacos appear to be very basic but they are filled with flavor and spices. Street tacos are normally served with corn tortillas and with cilantro and diced onions. That’s it. Then you add your favorite sauce to it. Border Grill had a variety of sauces to choose from.  I enjoyed every taco I had. Every taco was seasoned properly and the cilantro and onions married into the meats was a match made in taco heaven. Oh, how about the price of each taco, each taco was a whooping $1.85 cents, that was the price listed on their chalkboard menu.

The place is very small. You order form the counter. They bring you the food to your table. They only have 5-6 tables, mainly high tops. You don’t come here for the atmosphere, you come to Border Grill for their amazing  Tacos. Plenty of parking is available.

As I write this review, I noticed Border Grill’s rating on Urban Spoon from a voter standpoint. It had 125 votes and 99% liked it! That is a very strong number. That is very meaningful. Rarely do you see stats like 99% “likes” on Urban Spoon.   I give their tacos and service 2 thumbs up! Don’t walk but run over to Border Grill.

Border Grill is located at 5695 Vineland Rd, Orlando, Fl ph # 407-352-0101.

Open Mon-Sat 11am-til late, closed Sunday

Street Tacos     Street Taco
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