J. Alexanders and other Restaurant News Reply

Rumor had it that J Alexanders on Sand Lake Road was about to go out of business. This is no longer a rumor. J. Alexanders has closed for business. There is a lot of competition on Restaurant Row and they all can’t make it, rent is not cheap in those parts. Sand Lake Road is our Beverly Hills of restaurants.   Speaking of Restaurant Row Eddie V’s is being built and erected where Timpanos was. The Darden Corporation leveled the old Timpanos and started from scratch on Eddie V’s. Can’t wait to see this place, millions is being invested in this semi  high-end restaurant. If anyone can start a buzz Darden can!

In the Dr Phillips Marketplace area we have some new restaurant openings coming soon. Keke’s Breakfast Cafe  is coming soon! They will occupy the space formerly known as Five Guys. Next door to Keke’s is Stefano’s Grille which has been trying to open for a while now. Their actual sign is up, and that is a start! Press 101 closed awhile back. A restaurant owner in the Dr Phillips Marketplace told me someone was looking to open up a restaurant where Press 101 once was and negotiations are underway.  Alot of restaurant openings and closing going in 2013 and more to follow.

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