MVP’s Clubhouse & Restaurant 3

MVP’s Clubhouse & Restaurant has just opened! South West Orlando has a new big modern Sports Bar. MVP’s is located at Conroy & Apopka Vineland Rd. Before MVP’s it was a Perkins. Yes, the Perkins near Isleworth that Tiger Woods made famous. Its locally owned my a gentlemen in Windermere. MVP’s had a soft opening during the Bayhill Tournament last weekend for special guests and family. MVPs is now fully open. They are open 11am-2am daily. Their phone number is 407-217-5929. MVP’s website is not fully live yet but you can see them on Face Book.

The unofficial Restaurant Review



  1. Wow! It’s open! This place is like no other I have ever seen! Great service, great food, great drinks, and more TVs than you can count… it is my place from now on.

  2. MVP is amazing Ya gotta see this place !!!!!! SPORTs Fans and Athletes galore but also caters private events !!!!! Its such a inviting place to be …. Bring the family and friends and get ready for FootBall Season aug 7 ,,, STEELERS. We are so excited its THE place and it offers industry people special deals all the time .Word is VIP cards and promos are starting JULY 28 !!!!!! Spread the word its the place to go!

  3. Wvwryones talkimg at sports events and FB. This olace has great TVS upcomimg football season !!!!!!! Great place to go ,,,,,,, i have friends who kids eat there 3 days a week!!!!!! So its kids friendly inThe day. The prices are great!!! A must go!!

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