Sam Snead’s Tavern 2

I know it’s been awhile since I posted a review. Yes I am
still doing this. And yes my passion for food and restaurants in the Orlando
area is still very high on my to do list. Even the local guy needs a break once
in a while.  I am excited to share another
great local review.  Recently I was
looking for a good lunch spot in the Maitland area. I was looking for
atmosphere and good food. I believe I found what I was looking for.  I am talking about Sam Snead’s Tavern.

Sam Snead’s Tavern is located off of Maitland Blvd in the
Maitland Business district; it is adjacent to the RDV Sports Complex. Sam Snead’s
has been around for awhile. Back in the day, Sam Snead’s used to have a
location in Metro West but it has since closed.
There was yet another one in downtown Orlando but owned by another team
and it has closed.

The Orlando/Maitland Sam Snead’s Tavern is decorated with unique golf memorabilia.
For each Tavern the Snead Family handpicks and places each piece of memorabilia
to ensure authenticity and quality. This care is essential to the unique
atmosphere created which highlights the illustrious career of the golfing
legend Sam Snead. Folks, this is quite the collection. The golf memorabilia makes
great table conversations at Sam Snead’s.

On my first visit I had the Meatloaf special $11.50. The
meal loaf came with seasoned creamy mashed potatoes. The meat loaf was thick
but yet tender and it was filled with flavor. It was also served with brown
semi rich gravy that added even more flavor.  The gravy went well over the meat loaf and
over the mashed potatoes, just a nice balance of flavor. I must say that is the
best meat loaf that I have tasted in a very long time.  Almost as good as Mom’s.  The only down size is that Sam Snead’s only
serves this tasty meatloaf on Thursdays.

I also tasted Sam’s chili $6.75. The chili was nice and chunky with no bean chili served with
onions on top, fresh cheddar cheese and tortilla chips. The chili was
outstanding and seasoned perfectly.  In
my opinion we don’t have a lot of good home made chili options in our city so I
am thankful for Sam’s chili.

On another visit I had the Atlantic Salmon $13.95. The
salmon is served with yellow rice. The Atlantic Salmon is normally grilled and served
with citrus soy sauce.  I wanted to kick
up my salmon up a notch and I asked for my Salmon blackened.  This Salmon did not disappoint. I added a
little fresh lemon to it. The fresh lemon just increased the overall flavor to
an already flavorful dish.

Feedback I would like to share. When you are paying $13.95
for Salmon at lunch one would think you would get a small side salad or a small
cup of soup. Not the case here. I think value added items like this only
completes your meal. Yes it costs more, but some diners might buy more drinks
with their meal?  However, this is just a
suggestion. This does not take away from the quality of food Sam Snead’s
serves. It was fabulous. Would I go back? Absolutely!

On one occasion I ate at the bar. I found the bar staff to
be very friendly, courteous, attentive. They also asked me for my name and then introduced
themselves pleasantly. A nice touch. You don’t always see that up at the bar. Sam
Snead’s has outdoor seating available. They also have a private room for a
banquet.  There is plenty of parking available.

Sam Snead’s is open Monday – Friday 11:30-10:30 and Saturday
4-10, closed Sunday.


1801 Maitland, Blvd

Maitland, Fl 32810

Ph# 407-622-8800


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  1. I love the All American Cafe. It’s located on Curry Ford Road in Orlando, Florida. They have the best breakfast! I am not a grit lover but this place has the best grits in the world. They offer really generous sizes for the money. Every person coming to Orlando, Florida has to check this place out.

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