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Dear Diners,

Well the local guy was out chowing down again. On this day I was in the mood for a sandwich, a hot sandwich. I was craving a roast beef sandwich. And there is only one place to go in town for a authentic roast beef sandwich. Yes I am talking about the almost world famous Beefy King. This institution has been around since 1968. Its one of the oldest restaurant establishments in Orlando. Three generations have operated the family-owned establishment starting with the Smith’s who passed the store onto son Roland and his wife Sandee whom after operating the store for 30+ years have turned the day-to-day operation over to their daughter Shannon and husband James Woodrow. I just love stories like this.

When I go to Beefy King. I usually only order one thing. Yes you guessed it, the roast beef sandwich. Folks, this is not an ordinary roast beef sandwich in my humble opinion. When this sandwich is made, its made with true love. After the roast beef is cooked and sliced its kept warm until the order is made. After you place your order, the sandwich maker “steams” the meat on the steam vents which are located on the surface of their counter. The steaming process is the key that perfects this sandwich. It comes on a Kaiser Roll which is also steamed to perfection. I always have cheese on mine. It comes plain unless you opt for the extras like cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion. Trust me, stick to having it plain or add cheese like I do. I always get the regular meal deal. The meal deal comes with spuds and a drink. The spuds are tater tots. The tater tots really compliment this sandwich. They are always crisp, and fried just right. Just the way I like them. When I sit my tray down in front of me is when the real magic starts. I put the house bbq sauce on the sandwich. Next I put the house horseradish sauce on the sandwich. Next I eat it and I am in roast beef heaven. Out the door my total was $7.77 for the regular meal deal. I like those numbers! I always feel like I hit the jack pot in this place!

If roast beef sandwiches it not your thing they also have ham, turkey, pastrami, corned beef and bbq sandwiches. Stick with the roast beef ladies and gentlemen. Helpful hints to know- you place your order at the counter. Minutes later you pick up your own order and you carry it to your table. Next go the little sauce station and fill up your small plastic containers with your favorites sauces and bring them back to your table, then dress your sandwich at your table. This is easier then bringing your sandwich to the sauce station. Parking is never a problem. They also have a drive thru. Beef King is located off of East Colonial Dr and Bumby. Beefy King is open Monday – Friday 10-3. Saturday 11-3. Sunday closed.

The address is:
424 N. Bumby Ave
Orlando, Fl 32803

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  1. Beefy king is second to none when it comes to roast beef sandwiches. Your post is a great description of their famous roast beef sandwich and crispy tater tots. For less then $8.00 you will quench the primal need for meat and potatoes every red blooded american craves leaving you licking your claws after dominating the massive beast of a roast beef sandwich served at an Orlando historic landmark of what fast food should.

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