Del Frisco’s Steak House 3

My last visit was early Jan 2011. Our visit always starts out with the valet crew. I am not a huge valet fan but I have never had issues with the valet staff at Del Frisco’s. Valet seems to be almost mandatory but I am sure free parking is close or near?  However, the valet team always seems to do a great job. Before I start, reservations are recommended. We always call the night we are going and we always seem to get in somehow, just lucky I guess. I like that. They are always very accommodating for the most part. This particular night I ordered the house salad with blue cheese dressing. The salad is always fresh not pre made in my opinion. The dressing seems to homemade not bottled in my opinion. I just absolutely love the real fresh slices of bacon they put in there. Did I say I was a pork fan? Sometimes my wife and I share the salad, it’s a healthy size, and it should be for the price. I ordered the NY strip that comes with a side of potatoes. Yes, this high end steak house has a couple of dishes and I mean a couple that comes with a side. I asked my steak to be prepared Pittsburg Pink. This means seared on the outside and red on the inside. I like mine medium. When I go into most places and when I order a steak Pittsburg Pink, I usually get the dear in the headlights look or a blank stare, and then I have to tell the whole Pittsburg Pink story. Not at Del Frisco’s. Its normal terminology there. We also ordered the Peppercorn sauce. I have had peppercorn sauce all over the country and in many other high end restaurants and they don’t compare. I will never forget stopping by there once and taking the pepper corn sauce to go and I used it on my own grilled steaks. If you want to impress your family and friends try it! We also ordered the side of baked broccoli with cheese. It’s to die for. Yes it has tons of calories but who is counting not me when I am in Del Frisco’s.  Its one of my favorite vegetable dishes of all time, it serves 2 people very easy. Of course I forget to mention the fresh bread at the start of the meal. This is my wife’s favorite bread ever. Its very home made ultra fresh. I told you guys I was not a pro at this, sorry not to put things in not a professional order so to speak. My wife had a filet, she asked for it well done, dead as usual she says, and she always tells them to butter fly it, which they do anyway when ordered well done. Well, it did not come out well done, it was medium and red all in. She sent it back. Out of about 20 visits there or so, this was a first for her. I guess 19/20 is a good track record.  We did not get dessert we rarely do but my wife will on occasions. I am an appetizer guy by the way for the most part not a desert fan, but I do get a sweet tooth on rare occasions. You are probably wondering why I did not quote the prices, it’s expensive or it’s in the category of a typical High End steak house. Be prepared to drop some cash.  Average bill for 2 is $125-$150 give or take depending on how many adult beverages you guys consume. To sum this experience up, I have eaten at Morton’s, Shula’s, Flemings, Berns in Tampa, Capital Grill just to name a few and I still think ole Del Frisco’s beats them every single time. Just my opinion.  My personal ratings going forward will be Great, Good, Not so good, and Awful. I give Del Frisco’s a “Great” review.  Enjoy food Orlando!

729 Lee Road
Orlando, FL 32810-5621
(407) 645-4443

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  1. You forgot the jelly beans. They have jars of giant jelly beans at the door as you leave. What a great end to a wonderful meal.

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